Dog Skill’s Training

Advanced Dog Training Requires Advanced Training Skills

dog skill training Training a dog to perform basic skills such as sitting, lying down, and rolling over may not actually require you to undergo formal training classes. Just knowing the basics of dog training – the ample use of positive reinforcement and the need for consistency – is often enough to give you the ability to train dogs. Plus, it is always best if you also have a basic understanding of dog behavior and temperament, including the putting to good use the general intellect of certain breeds.However, when you seek to train advanced commands or tricks to your dog, it may be necessary to beef up on your own set of training skills.

Enhance your Set of Specific Skills

It is generally a good idea to start enhancing the skills you already have. By enhancing these and then building upon them to include more complex skills, you can develop the necessary aptitude required for advanced dog training. If you were successful in training your dog simple tricks or even make headway in their dog manners, then maybe you would like to venture into more challenging areas such as obedience training.

Training for dog show obedience competition requires a very specific set of training skills that are not necessarily found in ordinary pet training. In advanced dog obedience training, precision is an absolute requirement where you need to train your dog to score points by performing the specific set of behavior required of them.

If you want to specialize in scent training or dog behavior activities, it is necessary that you be able to pay very close attention to the body language cues of dogs. It is also equally important that you know how to interpret these subtle messages in order to determine the best course of action to take. These dogs are excellent for search and rescue or retrieval operations so you must be able to develop their required skills.

For advanced dog trainers who want to specialize in service dog training, it is necessary for you to be able to train your dog on a complex set of chained behaviors. These are necessary because service dogs will most likely be used to guide visually-impaired individuals or even as therapy dogs for certain types of patients, especially children.

 Ask for an Objective Assessment by a Third Party

 advanced dog skill trainingAs you go about honing your advanced dog training skills, you may need to have someone else make an audit or assessment of your progress. By subjecting yourself to a sort of peer review, you will be able to identify which areas you still need to improve on and which ones you need to maintain.

Get Certified

 Apply for advanced dog trainer certification with a credible certifying agency such as the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers. Although there are many types of certifications, the one provided by CCPDT is more of a national recognition of your commitment to your craft and your professionalism to provide the highest possible level of quality dog training.

Training to become an advanced dog trainer requires more commitment and dedication on your part as a trainer. You will need not only the correct set of skills required of a particular dog job function but more importantly, the knowledge needed to correctly manage dog behavior on a much more advanced level.