Advanced Training Exercises for Dogs For New Pet Owners

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Activities with a Purpose: 

 Advanced Training Exercises for DogsAll dogs require adequate physical activity in order to maintain a stable and well balanced mental state as well as a physically fit body. When physical fitness and mental stability are achieved, it becomes a lot easier to train a dog. This is particularly useful when you aim to teach you dog a more complex or advanced dog trick.

Like humans who need constant practice or training sessions in order for them to really be good at their craft, dogs too can benefit from the performance of well-thought of training exercises designed specifically to condition your dog’s physical and mental state for the rigors of advanced dog training.

Training Exercises

Training exercises should never be confused with regular or ordinary exercises. The purpose of training exercises is to use such programmed sessions to build muscles, develop stamina and endurance, and improve agility in your dog. It also entails having the correct mindset necessary to carry out more complex tasks later on.

In advanced dog training classes, it is the establishment of a correct mindset that is most important. If you can train your dog to focus on the task at hand, it will be a breeze to train him. Furthermore, if exercise is intended to meet his most basic need for mobility so that his muscles will not atrophy, training exercises are intended to increase the intensity and frequency of regular exercises to develop stronger bones, more toned muscles, and greater stamina which can prove very important in dog obedience shows as well as agility competitions.

Advanced Training Exercises for Dogs

Advanced Training Exercises for DogsPreparing your dog for competition or even for service means you have to understand their unique temperaments and their overall mental disposition. You need to be able to safely say that your dog can be relied upon to comply with all the commands that will be issued. This is why it is necessary to keep on practicing until your dog gets a certain degree of mastery of commands.

Here is a list of the more common advanced dog training exercises you can perform with your dog. It is important to remember that, like all dog training sessions, you will need lots of praises and a bunch of healthful doggie treats.

  • Calling your dog to come towards you and then stopping him midway by commanding him to sit or down. Wait about ten seconds before your recall your dog again towards you.


  • Taking your dog on a heeling exercise up and down stairs or some other terrain slightly unfamiliar to your dog.


  • Practicing the finish command where you train your dog to move around behind you and go into a heel position.


  • Increasing the number of distractions during training sessions will help train your dog to disregard the distractions and keep focus on the task at hand.



  • Increasing the level of difficulty of you calling your dog by hiding behind a tree or simply staying out of your dog’s sight.


  • Training your dog to refuse food from strangers or persons other than you.

Like all training for dogs, consistency and positive reinforcement is the key to ensuring success. As all dogs are trainable, it is all a matter of personal commitment and dedication to what you are doing.