Expert Dog Tricks Made Easy!

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Teaching your Dog Some Unique Advanced Tricks

dog tricks made easyThere are so many videos on YouTube showing dogs that can stand and walk like a human, complete with dress or coat. There are also dogs that howl to the tune of a popular song while others are taught to pray before they chow down on their meals. Some dogs have even graced some of the world’s greatest talent shows showing their brilliance and trainability.

While your dog may not achieve such fame as these lucky canines, there are quite a few unique tricks you can start off aside from the usual roll over and play dead tricks. Before you embark on this advanced dog trick training session though, it is a must that your dog already has a solid background in understanding and responding to basic commands. If not, you may want to invest time and effort in the basics first.

Here are just three of the many neat tricks you can teach your dog.

Teach your Dog to Do a High Five

Just as players get an emotional energy boost from exchanging high fives with teammates, teaching your dog to do this trick will surely be a great source of pride in yourself. Make your dog go into a sitting position and give him his treat as soon as he sits. Hold out another treat directly in front of him while saying ‘high five’. Once he raises his paws towards the treat, catch it with your other hand and give him your treat. Don’t forget to give praises as well. Repeat this many times until your dog can automatically raise his paws even without you saying high five. With constant practice your dog will learn to associate your raised hand to a high five and a treat.

Teach your Dog to Do the Army Crawl

beginer dog tricksIt will be a blast to watch your dog do the Army crawl. Not only is it entertaining it is also good for your dog’s physical fitness. Have your dog in a down position and hold out a treat right in front of his nose. Slowly drag the treat along the surface of the floor and entice him to crawl towards it. If he stands up or moves too quickly correct it immediately by removing the treat and start all over again. Make sure to give him his treat and praise him if he was able to Army crawl for a few feet. Practice this every day in progressive distances.

Teach your Dog to Dance

A dancing dog will surely turn heads. To start, you need to command your dog to sit and slowly raise his treat over his head. Use a command word like ‘up’ or ‘dance’ or whatever words you can think of. Just make sure to be consistent. Do this until your dog is able to rise using his back legs. Adjust the position of the treat over his head to help him to stand up using his back legs. Let them achieve balance standing upright first before you attempt to move the treat around his head to make them spin or turn. Do not forget to give your dog his doggie treats and praises if he is able to stand on his tow hind legs. Keep on practicing until he is able to achieve perfect balance and you can then slowly introduce the treat moving around his head.

Teaching your dogs neat tricks require absolute dedication on your part. The basic however, is for you to praise them, give treats, and be consistent in your use of commands.